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CollabGrid connects Professionals, Designers, Engineers, Investors and Innovators to fast track the development and launch of their ideas. Sign up today to partner with experts in their fields and make your idea a reality.
Extend your virtual team, agree on compensation or equity and go to market...FAST.



  • Industry and Academic Partnerships
  • IP, Material Transfer and Partnership Agreements
  • E-Signatures and Approval Routing
  • Prospective Partner Ranking
  • Patent Management
  • Joint Venture Mgt.


  • Work by Mobile or Web Application
  • Idea evaluator
  • Proof of Concepts and Brain Storming Sessions
  • Innovation Lab Management
  • Team and Company groups
  • Manage Projects & Tasks


  • Idea Feed and Dashboards
  • Idea creation, review, analysis
  • Idea Voting, Comment
  • Ranking, Stage Gate review
  • Innovation Funnel
  • Idea Investment Workflow

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'Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.' - Jonas Salk